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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel toilet partitions lend a feeling of luxury and a modern appearance to any commercial restroom environment where appearance and strength are prime considerations. It is a virtually indestructible choice which combines the strength of #304 stainless steel with the gleaming beauty of brushed and textured stainless finish options. Stainless steel proves to be a wise selection for its ease of cleaning, durability, and resistance to humid conditions (the material will not rust). Dirt, grease and cosmetics are easily removed. The elegance of stainless steel toilet partitions complements any design scheme, whether in new construction or restroom renovations.

Construction Features

Construction Details

  • Standard construction features 1" thick doors and panels, (1-1/4" pilasters), constructed of stainless steel, formed and cemented under pressure to a double faced paper constructed honeycomb core.

  • All edges are finished with a 20-gauge stainless steel interlocking molding.

  • Corners are welded internally and are finished with pre-formed stainless steel reinforcements.

  • Doors have internal steel reinforcements to secure hardware items, and come equipped with the "in-use" color-coded indicator.

  • Wall fittings are chrome plated zamac die-castings. Hardware features emergency outside access to stall.

Impact on Design

  • Apart from basic durability, an important concern for many property owners, architects and designers is fulfilling an aesthetic vision with high-end and visually appealing finishes.

  • Stainless Steel creates an upscale feeling of luxury and modern appearance within any commercial restroom.

  • The range of standard and custom finish options available fulfills the most demanding design criteria.

  • Stainless Steel is the most high-end material and its elegance complements any design scheme made to impress.

Corrosion Resistant

  • Our stainless-steel partitions are manufactured from #304 stainless steel material, the most high-end, durable, and corrosion resistant stainless steel available.

  • This material has a much higher corrosion resistance than regular steel, extending the life of the product and preventing rust.

  • When designing and planning commercial restrooms, many business owners & architects require corrosion resistant material due to humid and potentially wet environments, selecting stainless steel as a full solution.

Enhanced Strength

  • Architects select stainless steel partitions when strength is a prime consideration.

  • Virtually indestructible choice and one of the most durable toilet partition materials.

  • Even scratches caused by deliberate vandalism can be removed by buffing.

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