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Contractor Pricing

For contractors and project managers

Here at AMI specialties, we are eager to work with professionals in our industry. We understand that many items that we supply are finish items that are ordered and installed during the last phase of construction. At this point on a jobsite superintendents and project managers are often occupied with owner walkthroughs, securing occupancy permits, and meeting fast approaching deadlines for completion. For this reason, we make you the priority during these time sensitive projects.

What we can do for you:

We know the industry, and we take pride in paying attention to detail. So send us your drawings, and we will have a team dedicated to review your plans and specifications. They will work together to ensure that your toilet accessories satisfy every detail of your specs, down to the finish, manufacturer, or ADA compliancy. Your team will be capable of providing accurate assessments for your, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and janitorial closets for jobs of any size. You will then receive a detailed list of material that will be needed to complete your toilet accessories, and a total cost to have them ordered and shipped directly to your jobsite, nationwide. (Lower Contiguous States Only)

Just send us the Specs, and we’ll do the rest.

Other Professional Advantages

  • Custom order Bobrick and Bradley Mirrors
  • Value engineering
  • Fast Shipping
  • Volume Discounts
  • Estimates for installation

AMI will provide you with quotes for toilet accessories/partitoins based on your Architectural drawings and specifications. Please, send your plans to Please include the name of your project in the subject line; and, be sure to include any necessary details to ensure that we can provide accurate pricing in a timely manner.