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Looking for a quick price?

AMI will provide you with an immidiate estimated cost for your toilet partitions. All we need is a little information in regards to the number of compartments, size or depth of your stalls, and the material that you choose to work with. So give us a call, and a partition experet will walk you through the estimation process.

For more information about choosing a material that satisfies your needs, please refer to the following resources.

Send us your drawings

Satisfying the ADA compliancy requirements, and selecting the most appropriate materials on your project can be difficult and time consuming. For this reason, AMI will give you the option to send us your drawings and specifications. We will review them, ensure that both ADA and LEED requirements have been satisfied, and then provide you with a total price to have your toilet partitions ordered and shipped directly to your jobsite.

Browse Toilet Partitions

If you would like to broswe quality toilet partitions from our leading manufacturers, then please click on their logos below. You will be directed to their online catalogs where you can review their gallery, technical data, and LEED information. After you find the material and manufacturer that best suits your project, feel free to contact us for our competitive prices.

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If you are looking for a professional installation for partitions projects located in Hampton Roads or Richmond, VA, we would love the opportunity to justify our reputation to you. With some of Virginia’s best bathroom partition installers we are sure to satisfy all of your needs.


There is no greater concentration of ADA requirements than in a public restroom. In today’s division 10 construction environment keeping up with the ever-changing Handicap codes can become very difficult. Knowing your codes can save you time a money. You can rest easily with AMI’s expertise in this area.

Call for More Information

For more information concerning your orders, lead times, or installation estimates, please call our office.


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