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Green Building

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Green Building

     Construction is a necessary part of the modern world, but its processes and product lifespan leave an environmental footprint. A “footprint” refers to the effects of human activity on earth, namely our consumption of natural product and occupation of land. The issue is that human life, like any biological life, takes a toll on the ecosystem. Literally and figuratively, we must feed off the land in order to persist.

     The emissions, waste, noise, and occupation of construction create a pronounced effect on the earth, but bear in mind that the responsibility is shared. Construction is only possible by means of raw materials, which themselves must be transported and refined; likewise, completed buildings require large amounts of electricity, water, and heating/cooling systems to maintain. Thus our environmental footprint has no single culprit, and is a natural result of human life.

     Green Building is simply interested in lessening the impact.

But is it a safe move for business?

     One of the biggest concerns for companies both large and small is the cost of “Going Green.” While the thought of preserving the earth for future generations is palatable, there remains a constant: business is business for one reason—money. But the fact is that Green Building doesn’t have to be expensive. While a green initiative can certainly entail low-emission tools and entirely recycled materials, a business can simply be more conscientious of their design plans, siting, and—even simpler—unnecessary energy expenditure (i.e. unplugging electrics not currently in use).

     And, in some cases, the “Green” is already handled for you—almost 90% of modern steel is, has been, or will be recycled1. It can be as easy as sourcing your supplier’s materials.

     As the popularity of Green grows, there also emerges a new niche of business: Green Remodeling. Popularity means demand, and demand means opportunity for money. When was the last time you flicked on the television and didn’t hear about climate change? Supported by NASA2, the EPA3, and the Department of State4, the current condition and effects of climate change are more advertised than they have ever been. This means that the word is out. People are aware and open to healing the environment—and you can be their first step. Green remodeling services include the installation of solar panels, low-flow toilets, and low-output appliances; recycled wood for kitchen cabinets; recycled granite for countertops. The more services you offer, the wider your appeal.

     The only limitations are creativity and innovation.

Can I only be partway Green?

     Yes! The situation is not binary—and that’s perfectly alright. One of Green Building’s finest facets is that it doesn’t mean holistic, nor does it imply a certain percentage of eco-friendliness. The goal is simply to reduce the environmental impact of humans, and this can occur at any point of the process. Pre-, peri-, or post-construction, your contributions make a meaningful difference to your life and those around you.

For more information on how Accessories & More, Inc. can start, continue, or complete your green imitative, feel free to contact us at (757) 805-0446 (M-F 8am-4pm EST)or of Form

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